October 23, 2012

I’m a Nerd

by Elizabeth Donahey in Generations, Leadership

I’m a nerd. I’m proud to be one, and like most of us out there, I didn’t realize I was one [a nerd] until there was absolutely no turning back. I wasn’t just one of the recent entrances to information technology, I’ve been lucky enough to be there at the start of the Internet. I was developing websites when a website was simply a way to say, “hey world look at me, I exist, and can anyone else see me?” And I did it without knowing any of the native language beyond the basic terms like HTML, Google hadn’t been born yet.

I’m a nerd not only because “Electric Dreams” is one of my all-time favorite movies, but because I fell in love with my first Apple computer and wanted to dissect it, peel back its layers until I know exactly how it allowed people to make language appear in front of your eyes on the monitor with super ease and speed.

Learning quick keys was like being shown magic, it was dazzling, new and all at my fingertips and taught by my senior year AP English teacher, Mr. Gordon Langford. Lucky for me, Gordon escaped the dull drums of corporate american work for teaching, and so I was able to learn about computers and technology shops from one of it’s first employees back in the mid 80’s, among the other nerds, who, Iike me, didn’t know I was a nerd until I fell in love with a computer.

Now like many other nerds, I’m continuously amazed at the integration of it all, – the online kings are reigning with impressive strength and precision right now which has lead to a growing inter-connectivity of animate and inanimate beings, osculating the parallel growth of the human spirit on relationship to one anther. Is this a sign of moving from information to knowledge, then on to wisdom on the DIWK hierchary

And that is what the internet is for.

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